hi u all !

legs shaky from lower back ,

mind goes mad , angry all day i am ,

i feel 80year old at age 25 i am ,

i feel scared about it ,

i also have vitamins problems , may b dats y it happens , as i left all smoking and other drinking habbits from 1 year , may b its happening sideeffacts ,

plz help me i dnt knw what is it am scared its from 1 year am suffering from it !

i wanna knw properly whats goin in me !!! plz help !!!

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  • Hello

    Sorry you are going through such a bad time , but if you are suffering with anxiety it can make you feel all the things you have mentioned

    Have you spoken to a Doctor about how you feel ?

    I would speak with one and let them see what support they can offer you as you do not have to suffer like you are and things can get better :-)

    Take Care x

  • hiii i am oky now <3 i feel good i have b12 problem ! doc said ! dats y all things happened ! am little good now :) am improving ! tnku for ur reply godbless u !

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