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I think i have anxiety

Hi! My name is Ryan. I am in high school and I think I suffer from anxiety, but am not sure. When I'm alone at night and feel in danger by anyone who could possibly break in the house, I get really anxious and feel as if I need to get out and almost feel as if I am having a panic attack. Loads of other things happen that make me feel in extreme panic and lead me to believe I may have anxiety. I am not trying to self diagnose, I'm just looking for help. I have taken several online tests that claim I have severe anxiety and I thought I just get help, but when I tell my parents they don't take me seriously. thanks for any help!

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Sorry you are so young and feeling this way

I know there are tests on line for anxiety but please do not focus on the results as sometimes we can be going through a stressful time and it will say we have severe anxiety , I think only your Doctor could really tell you if you have

I am not sure what your age is ? but do know that certain ages when we are growing up can be a struggle for some and make us feel anxious and we do need support

I would talk with a teacher if there is one you get on with , or a friend and even see your Doctor as there is support even for young people but you have to ask for it and I hope you do :-)

Take Care x


See a docter

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