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Adults living with anxiety - how do you do it?

How do any adults out there living by themselves deal with anxiety? I feel scared about my future (I'm 17, still have 1 year of high school and then 4 for college). I'm worried that living alone, or just away from familiar places, will trigger my anxiety for the worse. I'm actually living away from home right now for a month-long program, usually I love getting to travel places but this year my anxiety is holding me back from enjoying it because if I was in an emergency there is no one here I would be comfortable going to. So adults, how do you do it? I know this is far in the future for me but I'm worried I won't be able to cope as an adult.

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Please enjoy doing what you have come away to do. Live for today as tomorrow will bring it's own anxieties. If you get really anxious, try deep breathing, practice and you will feel better. Concentrate on the course you are on, do not think negative thoughts and be positive, the people who are on the course are there to help you learn. At 17 you should have the world at your feet, I went travelling at 18. If this is really causing you problems go to your GP when you get back. Us adults cope because we love life and keep busy. Try to do the same, you will be fine enjoy yourself and keep busy😊🌞


Yes you will. You will be just fine. Not only that you will probably look back on it as the best time of your life.

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Hi there, if you were in trouble you could call someone you trust for advice, they may be able to calm you down and point you in the right direction. Your a young adult so don't beat yourself up !! You are surviving!! Getting through each day. Some days are ok and some are not so good. It's a difficult age to be away from home anyway so there will be lots of other people feel the same way too. Try not to let your mind wander to negative things. Distract yourself if you can when those thoughts start. Hope your feeling a bit better today. Take care 😀


I used to feel the same way, I was so worried about how it would be when I moved away. The surprising thing was that meeting new people and being out of my element allowed me to learn how to be independent and my anxiety just melted away.

Don't worry so much. You will be okay, and you will meet people that you will become comfortable with. But sometimes learning to rely on yourself gives you strength.


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