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Please help whats Your anxity symptoms

I have been told i have anxiety.. i thorght something was really wring with me!! I have had heart tests brain scans all good.

I get foggy in the head i wake up somedays and just know its gonna be a long horrible day of me feeling clouded like there is a cloud over my brain and i cant consentrate does anybody get this?

I have out of no where dizzy spells and funny head turns like im gonna pass out!!!

I get pains in my chest!!

I get tired super eazy over noting and have no energy just goes and i feel i cant keep moveing but i push myself as i havet 3 little kids so i have no choice but i feel awfull and crankie most my days??

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Yes I know what you're going through. I have the exact same feelings. I have had many test done even a stress test and it all came back negative or good. My doctor said it's anxiety and she prescribe me medicine and suggested that I get therapy. I am on the way to getting my therapy and sertraline has taking the edge off my anxiety....well some of it I pray you get better


I've sent you a pm


Omg i get same thing had tests but not scans on head yet but feel always dizzy off balance light headed heart races and feel faint like feelings i keep thinking im gonna pass out and die so awful i mean wtf do we have to suffer the worst physical feelings :( cant even go out at moment last 3 months soo bad


You're not alone, I have the same symptoms the dizziness, lightheaded, chest pains, plus many other symptoms, I panic once I feel dizzy, even when I'm laying down I feel like I'm sliding off my bed.

First off try eating something with magnesium like Oatmeal in the morning, orange later on the day, and a banana as a snack, at night. Banana helms with dizziness, drink more water, and stay away from junk foods, and caffeine, drink more water.


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