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Hey there. I hope all of you are doing better than I am. Feels like I can't keep track anymore of how many panic attacks I have a day, a week, a year!!! Whew!!!! Stress is kicking my tush! Feels like I am stuck on the fear roller coaster with no operator, full speed ahead. this point I could laugh and cry at the same time. Be well, my love is with you all. 😩😚🙂


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  • Hi Stay_strong85, That's a lot of panic attacks. It sounds like it has taken over your life. What plans do you have to stop that roller coaster? Medication for a while, therapy etc? Your body needs a break as well as your mind. I wish you well x

  • Yes lots of therapy and vitamins and meds. It's all in the works. Thank you. 🙄😚

  • I'm happy to hear that Stay_strong, My best to you x

  • My love is with you as well. I know the feeling. I have multiple mini attacks a day. They drive me crazy. I'm just learning about breathing techniques and meditation. I'm hoping it works. Its been 2 years since I've been able to live a normal life. I hope your day gets better.

  • Thank you very much. Yes i too am beginning to learn the breathing exercises. Much appreciated. 😊😚

  • I feel for u , all the best I haven't been having anxiety , panic attacks For about 2 yrs and now all off a sudden bang , !

  • Same here, they go away for a couple years or more then bam! Here they are again...6 months strong now.

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