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Hey guys I haven't posted in this in a long time, it's my second post...

I still have the same symptoms and even more now and I really need someone's help :/ im 17 and these are my symptoms , ringing ears,visual snow,dizzy 24/7, pressure in head, feel my pulse everywhere in my body, feeling like my whole body is shaking in the inside and can't really see on the outside , this new shaking this is really scaring me and I don't know what to do , I think I have Parkinson's or something and im really really scared , I also have some good news since my last post , after like 2 years of thinking I had a brain tumour or aneurysm or something my doctor finally gave me an mri for reassurance he said and he said it came back perfect so that was releaivng, all my blood test comes back clear blood pressure is always perfect he says, he says im 100% healthy but I don't belive him, I had a pain in my left arm the other week and went to a&e, after 8 hours of waiting doctor said its anxiety and im perfectly healthy, he checked the electricity in my heart and the enzymes and said everything is fine stop worrying , I am having panick attacks all the time now and afraid to leave the house ,doctor says all the tests are done now and I don't even need to go back , the main thing bothering me is this shaking thing and it's really scaring me somwone please help thanks :/

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I also had an eye test and they said ive even better than 20/20 vision


Hello :-)

Why do you not believe your Doctor ? :-o

Do you not think he/she went to medical school for x amount of years and is fully trained and knows better than we do :-/

Why would they lie to you :-o

They would not and seems they have been very thorough :-)

This is your anxiety and I know how it gets us and you need to stop with the physical tests now and pester your Doctor to get some support for you maybe counselling because you are young and if you get the help now this will be a thing of the past and you get get on with enjoying many years ahead which you will have :-)

Take Care x

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Im sorry your going through this,i was in the same position you are in just a couple months ago.i worried 24/7 bc i thought i had a brain tumor,i went to a different hospital pretty much every week bc i didnt believe the doctors.i had 2 cat scans done and everything came back fine.but i still didnt believe them bc i had 24/7 head pressure,dizziness,tunnel vision,blurred vision,pressure in face and ears,and i can go on and on.i couldnt leave the house at all,i just stayed home all day googling my symptoms which only made things worse.after a couple of months doing this and crying every single day.i finally just made myself believe that the doctors were right.i was fine,i couldnt keep living the way i wasnt easy but i finally got over it.mostly with alot of prayer.and the shaking thats happening to you that your so worried about.that is anxiety.believe me your okay.if there was something wrong the doctors would have found it.i still have bad anxiety but i have to find the strength to get through everyday.i hope everything starts to get better for you soon.


I've experienced the same symptoms for about 3 months now. I'd wake up around 3am in the morning feeling like my head is tingling and my hands and feet go numb. Then all of a sudden I start to tremble but can't really control it. Sometimes it lasts for about 20 minutes until I eventually calm down, but I'd feel exhausted but still wouldn't be able to sleep. The head pressure is really annoying and it's like a dull feeling not pain but just a pressure. It comes and goes but I'm so ready for it to go away! Some days I get dizzy and my eyesight gets blury mostly when I'm tired or after a stressful day. The dizziness is really scary because sometimes just walking I feel as if I'm going to faint or pass out. I know how you feel...


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