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Sorry for being really inactive

So i went to the doctors on Monday since I've been getting really sharp pains on my chest. I'm always thinking that there is something wrong with my heart but the doctor listened to the beat and said it was beating alright, same goes with my breathing. So I don't understand, why am I constantly feeling sharp pains and breathing problems. The doctor also believed that I was lying, however I know my body. I know what I feel each and every day. The doctor then sends a psychologists and she tells me that I tend to get worried and anxious when talking since she has been studying my movements when I was talking to her. She then explains that when people feel pain in a certain place they tend to get worried making the pain increase. So, do I really have anxiety? Or is it an actual medical problem that the doctors missed? I feel very afraid for no reason, this whole week I have been feeling spaced out, weak, and dizzy. I seriously don't know what to do anymore...

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Hi xoxox, I'm glad you went to the doctors on Monday and he found nothing wrong. Now you have to believe that. Until you do, you will feel spaced out, weak and dizzy from the doubt/negative thoughts of anxiety. I'm sure the doctor didn't think you were lying and that's why he sent you to a psychologist. I get the same thing when I talk, very anxious. It produces symptoms because of not breathing properly when tense. We tend to hyperventilate causing the spaced out/dizzy feelings. Feeling afraid for no reason is anxiety playing it's mind game on you. You took the first step in seeing both your doctor and therapist. Now you can take the next step which is learning techniques in reducing your anxiety symptoms and feeling better. You will be okay but you have to accept the diagnosis of anxiety. Come back to the forum where we will all help you through your symptoms and doubts. xx


I have gotten sharp pains as well and my doctor said the same about me he also sent me to a cardiologist and they did an exam on me and told me my heart looks strong and great and I also see a psychologist and they tell me it's my anxiety and the more I relax and try not to think negative I barely get the sharp pains now. Hope this helps you to relax more darling just keep telling yourself your heart is fine and that your healthy and relax and breathe.. Good luck


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