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Hello there! I'm excited to hear from most of the post's that the experiences that all of you are kind of a similar situation that i have been experiencing for almost 16 years. Up to this day no cure whats so ever. Let be describe you the first day this started. Before that i will tell you an incident what just might be the reason for this difficulty. That day i was in our football stadium at one time while i was supporting to my team i jumped and my head hit a concrete flat brick same as hitting on your room concrete ceiling. Alhamdhulillah there wasn't any fracture or opening just felt a numbing pain near the bottom of my neck from backside. Then after a couple of months like 4 to 5 months i was sitting near a cupboard and while i stood up it felt like i'm about to faint and the whole place seems to get blur. Within 1 to 2 minute got well for sure did not faint. But from that day my head felt heavy near back of my ears its like something is not right inside both the ears.

When i walked it feels like my head is moving a little bit from side to side like giddiness. If i walk too much sleepiness comes like my eye's feels sleepy and there would be n explainable pain on both the sides of the head from back side near upper ear's. And when i press those two point's i feel the pain as well. It's not like a sharp pain like mi-gran pain but a continues heavy numb like pain. So i used to lay on my bed for an hour or two then gets mush better. But as soon as i walks longer distances the same situation comes and it happens quicker if i runs like playing. I took X-Reys, CT scans and MRI from Anandhapoori Hospital in India but all turned out to be normal. So still no where near to find a solution for this. Most time when the difficulty stars it's like a nerves problem but still no solution :(

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