Menstrual anxiety

Hey I'm 46 and my symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks started when I turned 44 . I wasn't sure what was going on .all I know is I felt like I was dying . But I've noticed that it's all worse a week before my period hits and during my period . I don't know if it's normal or if I'm going thru the change but I wish there was something that would get rid of it all together . I get really dizzy and can't function. I want my life back . Does anyone know how I can get my life back ? Be greatly appreciated.

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  • I havent really got any advice and i dont know what your going through but just hang in there.

  • Hi. I get severe premenstrual anxiety with panic attacks (feeling anxious and keyed up, rapid heart rate, trouble breathing, panic and want to run from wherever I am). You are not alone. I have been trying not to focus on it so much (I tend to ruminate) and I have read that it can be treated the same way anxiety disorder is treated. You could also talk to your doctor about taking something for the dizziness.

  • That sounds like perimenopause to me, I had it. That can happen in the years leading up to menopause. You might appreciate this:

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