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Menstrual anxiety

Hey I'm 46 and my symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks started when I turned 44 . I wasn't sure what was going on .all I know is I felt like I was dying . But I've noticed that it's all worse a week before my period hits and during my period . I don't know if it's normal or if I'm going thru the change but I wish there was something that would get rid of it all together . I get really dizzy and can't function. I want my life back . Does anyone know how I can get my life back ? Be greatly appreciated.

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I havent really got any advice and i dont know what your going through but just hang in there.


Hi. I get severe premenstrual anxiety with panic attacks (feeling anxious and keyed up, rapid heart rate, trouble breathing, panic and want to run from wherever I am). You are not alone. I have been trying not to focus on it so much (I tend to ruminate) and I have read that it can be treated the same way anxiety disorder is treated. You could also talk to your doctor about taking something for the dizziness.


That sounds like perimenopause to me, I had it. That can happen in the years leading up to menopause. You might appreciate this:

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I was the same age where everything went down hill, one night I woke feeling really dizzy everything was spinning round, I made way to bathroom crueling on my knees, I shouted for my husband as wall paper was going up and down, I had to call ambulance, I was injected to calm me down, I was told I have labrythics. I then continuosly got panic attacks. I go have problems with my ears I was sent many hospital for scans but couldn't find the problem with ears. Every day I have continuously dizziness I not sure if part of menopause but looking at this site seems men have problem too. I can't cope with bad situations. My mum has had several strokes, but her last stroke has effected her so much, she doesn't always recognise me, I just started new job as was made redundant but my anxiety since started a job effected my life I had give my notice in to have some time with my mum and me, as couldn't eat as the anxiety effected my swallowing, even when I was not working I couldn't cope with anxiety. I'm back into work again but scared anxiety will take over again, as I have problem with my ears. I have to meditate night and morning. I've tried many methods hypnotism, reki but nothing really helped. I not going on medication as this gave bad pulpations. Ithougt it was menopause as didn't have periods for 6 months, then all sudden my period came, I was so dizzy before. Is this what your experiencing?


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