Night symptoms normal???

Does anybody get these weird symptoms at night??

Twitching, stiffness feeling, shock through body like electricity feeling randomly. Head feels weird like my brain is getting pulled a little and it's scary and annoying because I feel super weird and can't sleep normal! But then in the day I'm a lot better but this happens almost every night now :( I used to be completely anxiety free. Then after a night of drinking I had a weird episode which I guess was a panic attack and haven't been the same since. Is anxiety able to cause those weird feelings?

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  • I've experienced that shocking feeling before when trying to fall asleep. It's very disturbing, but usually I'm able to get out if it in a few days. My best remedy is slow abdominal breathing. I also take magnesium daily which would probably help you with the stiffness and twitching as well. Potassium from bananas might help also. I actually don't drink anymore because I've found that it became a big anxiety trigger for me.

  • I get twitching

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