Anxiety is ruining me :(

anxiety is causing me so many problems but I can't accept the fact I've got anxiety despite the fact I've been diagnosed with it and severe depression :( I know it won't get better until I accept its anxiety but it's like I know it isn't and I'm going mad :'(


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  • Hi highlander08, Once you have had test after test, doctor after doctor confirm that it is anxiety and they can see no other physical ailment, then you must learn to accept it. As Mrworrymaster said today, once you accept anxiety then you can start the healing process or at least start working on it. The more we struggle, the more the anxiety bully fights us back sometimes with different symptoms in order to alarm us. It's still coming from the same place in our minds. I will never get back the years I wasted in trying to figure out a reason I was feeling like this and all the time it was right in front of me but I choose not to believe it. You are not the only one who is going through this, I believe we all have. The word "anxiety" seems so insignificant, so common that we want a real name for what we are suffering from. I hope one day soon, your eyes will open to what needs to be done and you take that first step forward. Take care. x

  • Hi there is light at the end of the tunnel, the first step is accepting it then quickly looking for a path back to being normal again. It is not a illness for life. I had it for 4 years and now I am fine

  • How do I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel when I can't even see the tunnel, the only way I feel I will get through this is if I push away everybody that I love and that is closest too me :'(

  • Anxiety can rule your life if you let it in. You need a good friend who is good at listening and try to focus your thoughts away from the illness. My first step was to find out as much as I could to understand what I had. I bought a book "Anxiety and Phobia Workbook" and read it on my own. If you can understand your illness then you can move forward with the battle to win your life back. There are many ways to fight back including medication to keep you calm. I found focusing on the positives did help

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