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My anxiety has been causing loads of problems but before the whole anxiety thing I was an opptimistic fun girl who loved life and everything/everyone around her, but now I am sad all the time, bursting into tears because I am so annoyed at myself, I have been having suicidal thoughts (not bad enough to do something about it) and been feeling generally down. I am also quite pessimistic now and don't see any point in life. This has been happening for 2 months now, am i depressed or just sad? I don't want to ask my parents this because they don't understand what is going through my mind and will probably think I being overreactive and stupid for even thinking I am depressed. Please help me!

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:(... It's always good that u know and your asking for help I learnt that myself. Girl :)! Find that one person ONE who u can trust and spill out to them who can listen to your whole life story without getting board . Suicide is faught with hugs <3 and I send 100 hugs to patch that feeling to make a smile come Apon your face :D hope it helps

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You do need to be listened to and understood it can be half the battle when suffering and there is always someone to listen in these Communities that won't dismiss how you feel as we feel or have felt as you do now

Have you spoken with your Doctor ?

I would make an appointment and go and tell them how you are feeling

There is also a site on HU for Depression , not sure if you have seen it already but I will out you the link on so you can have a look as the more support we can get when we feel so low the better :-)

Take Care x

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Try to find out if you can do something about it

A long time ago I took the wrong road it cause me problems

Now dont do that

Think first or just ask me I got you


Hi there. What you wrote does sound like depression; some of the key signs of it are apparent in your post. Is there a doctor that you can see to provide you with a diagnosis? As I'm sure you know that any advice we give does not replace those given by a medical professional. If you are having suicidal thoughts at any time, whether or not you plan to act on them, you MUST speak to someone right away; if not your parents, then anyone else that you feel you can trust. As Bounce pointed out, there is a wonderful group for Depression here on Healthunlocked. Everyone is looking to get better and is very supportive of one another. Just ruminating over your thoughts doesn't do too much good and can make you feel worse. So, please go see a doctor and join Action on Depression here on the site.


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