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Hello Everyone 😊

Pheww.. Its been a little awhile since my last Post. Hope everyone is doing Great 😀.

So Yeah.. Update on My Anxiety. Ive been doing Wonderful. The meds are working Great. Iam back to living My Life with no worries. I did get a mild anxiety attack but i got over it so fast it amazed me. I still get a little bit of palpitations but during my Monthly lady Stuff... I Hope that's normal.. But The palpitations arent as severe as before. Thank goodness.

Iam Not going to lie though. I did Quit exercise and eating healthy. I couldnt keep up and it was making me so Depressed. And i lost 10lbs and then gained it back. WHAT A FAIL 👎. But ive decided to do it Step by step such as quitting Soda and sugars. Then little by little getting rid of carbs but i cant Do it cold turkey. It was awful. I have been feeling a little Down lately as iam on my Monthly and I have Major Mood Swings. I was feeling depressed and Just Feeling Not Myself.

It scared me these past 2 Days and i have No clue why. I think its all because of my high cholesterol and i swear i convinced my self that iam going to die for being Obese. Iam so sad and i could really Use some Advice and support.

Missed you Guys ❤

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Hi WhereIsHope26, oh it is so nice to hear from you and glad you have been feeling better on meds. As for quitting exercise and eating healthy, it is not a fail but a little setback. I think you were really so overwhelmed with your symptoms that you couldn't handle another stressor and that's why you started getting depressed. Like you said step by step you will quit sodas and sugars. Little by little. Doing it cold turkey is very difficult and since you have the baby you do need to go a little slower. I have a little story about cholesterol. Some years back while working out in water aerobics 6 times a week, I decided to have my cholesterol checked at a health fair. The reading was so over the top that the nurse was afraid for my health. She wanted a repeat done in one month. When I went back a month later, it had dropped 100 points. She was amazed. How did you do that? I told her I stopped eating Blue Cheese. She was no longer worried about me. I guess what I'm saying is that sometimes just cutting out one thing at a time can show a difference. Try not to overstress about it. You will have a better chance of succeeding. Missed you too. xx


So glad to hear from you too!! Yeah i have to get back to eating at least some veggies and more water. That all my Dr. Really wants me to do. I just want to lose weight. But in time i will get there. Iam starting off with walking and then Some cardio at home. Such as dancing or Full Body workouts. But i havent been feeling bad AT ALL so i cant complain iam SO GREATFUL thank you for replying ❤❤❤

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Hello There :-)

I have been wondering how you were getting on and I think you have been doing so well from reading your post :-)

When we are getting better with anxiety we are going to have moments when we dip a little , don't fear this but see it as a positive that you have progressed so much that you can tell when you are having a few off days but they will pass :-)

I am so upset you are giving yourself a hard time of that diet

When you were posting with all your goals I did think wow that is a lot to do all at once and maybe tacking the anxiety first would be a good thing because I know I can not take more than one thing on at a time and again you should feel flipping proud you even attempted it never mind saying you failed !!!

It can be a good idea to take the changes slowly , cut things out one at a time

There are low cholesterol spreads and drinks you can buy that help or could help in reducing it , have you thought of getting some of them ?

I know your fear but you are still young and cholesterol only usually becomes a problem when you do not address it for years and start getting older so you have time in front of you to work on it and you will , the more you are in control of your anxiety the more the other things you need to do will become easier :-)

Well done getting this far and don't be a stranger , keep letting us know how you are doing and sharing with others how far you have got , it gives hope to others who may feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel

Take care x

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Heyyy nice to hear from you :)

I have been buying Low fat and 0% cholesterol foods. Also checking on the sugars. I looked back on the goals and i did push myself too hard but iam doing my exercises again and Just eating small portions of meals i loveeee. Ill keep you guys posted again. Next Month i get my blood work done to recheck on the status for diabetes and high cholesterol. I hope i made atleast some progression.

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