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Hello name is Shannon I'm 38 and have have panic attacks for 15 years now.it started when I was 21 and threw 3 blood clots to my right lung wich took them several months to find. I could not eat sleep or anything. Went from 145 pounds to 80 17 trips to the er they finally found them. I have had severe panic attacks since then. My symptoms are chest tightness shortness of breath fast heart beat and the fight or flight feeling .on 400 milligrams of welbutrin a day as well as kolonipan found nothing that works.

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Hi Shaw787, I sorry you experienced such a traumatic event at 21. Along with how long it took them to find. I can understand how difficult this has been in knowing that none of the medications have worked. When a life threatening issue happens to us we can develop not only anxiety but suffer from PTSD as well. I don't know how long you have been on Welbutrin and Klonopin but it may be time to have your doctor re-evaluate the efficacy of these two medications as well as throwing in some therapy for the PTSD. Finding some relief is a matter of having the doctor fine tune your meds that suit your needs. I wish you well Shannon. 15 years is a long time to suffer.


I've tried busbar Zoloft Paxil nothing helps going crazy can't function feel like I'm failing my family


Shaw787, you are not failing your family. Actually, it's the medical profession failing you in not knowing the answer in order to give you some relief. I went through every drug the doctor would throw at me, including being hospitalized while they did that. The only thing it did was make me sleep and not even remember that time. Through using other means of handling anxiety and it's symptoms, I have finally gotten control of my life again. I am off antianxiety meds completely, my choice. I don't recommend this, it is not for everyone but I think 30 years of my life wasted on meds that didn't work was enough. Don't give up and again don't feel like you are disappointing your family. You will get better, it's a matter of finding out what works for you.


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