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How does one learn to love ones self

I had daily verbal abuse my Dad always running me from the age of 7 and I now have no confidence very low self esteem and I think it has rubbed off on my son. It hurts to see him suffer in anyway. I feel its a bit late for me but would love to give my boy some self loving tips.

He had another out burst Friday and got locked up for the evening. I worried my guts out because I didn't hear the full story but he's feeling awful now. He had a few can of strong beer. I warned him it doesn't agree with our family but he drank anyway but I think it has shaken him up and promises not to touch the stuff again.

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Dodo, sorry about your son but hopefully we all learn by the mistakes we make. I'm sure you were beside yourself with anxiety. I hope that things settle down and that you start feeling better as well. I'm sure this plays into you not feeling good lately.

Take care and stay well.


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