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Frozen water 💦

When I had my first severe anxiety attack, I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance as I really thought that I would die !! A year on and I'm still here, on sertraline and back to work !! Where does the frozen water bit come in ??? Well when ever I couldn't breath, I put a cold frozen flannel on my chest , whenever I got chest pains I put a frozen bottle of water there, whenever I got the dry mouth I drank frozen cold water, whenever I had any form of anxiety I would tip a few drops of frozen water on my self, it's a shock but it really helps !!! May sound crazy but give it a try, it's helped me so much over the last year 💦 Good luck and let me know how you get on 😋

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Jodieloo, I've never heard of the Frozen Water remedy, but hey, whatever works. I wish you continued success. That's what I love about this forum, we learn from each other. Thanks for sharing. x

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