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Dizzy and heart keeps racing ?

For a week now I have been suffering with horrible dizzy feelings and like I can't get air to my lungs , this sent me to A&E were I looked like a complete t**t ! Bad health anxiety and OCD not helping will exercise help this ? I am worried my heart rate keeps going up when exercising and I feel dizzy but I am sure this is because I am not jut led down feeling sorry for myself , ended up having bloods taken which all where good so that put me at ease also keep getting head aches can anyone relate or know tips to help xx

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this is me too, just try to keep busy and don't worry so much. I tried Zoloft it really helped. I get headaches everyday but a pinched nerve along with anxiety can do that . just keep writing online or reading about panic attacks and anxiety you will feel comfort. you know 60% of heart related visits at er are people thinking they are heaving heart attacks and it turns to be a panic attacks. more tests put my mind at ease, b/c we all know with panic there is a sense of doom. you are not alone and its not always stress it can be a hormonal imbalance or a nutritional problem.


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