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really worried

hi all my name is jordan i am 16 and i have been having weird symptoms/pains recently and i don't know if it is my anxiety or something else the pains started on the 4 of june and still getting them now so for a month the one i am most worried about is the head pains there like a stab to the head what last a few seconds that comes and goes sometimes n the left temple and sometimes on the left temple and sometimes a pain behind the right eye but i have had them for so long i can't stop thinking that i might have something seriously wrong with me i keep googling the symptoms i have had but that does not help me as makes me more worried i cry myself to sleep and feel like i am going crazy because i can't stop thinking that its something bad as i don't know what it could be i have never had head pains like this before and they just started out of nowhere and i have the pains everyday thru out the day

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PLEASE GO SEE A DOCTOR. You will worry yourself by not knowing. Googling (I've done this) symptoms are not good and will cause your anxieties to skyrocket.

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I agree. You need to see a Dr. and get answers. It may be a kind of headache but I really am not qualified to say. My point is that it may not be something that you need to do anything about, but you would get peace of mind by having an answer as to what it is.


i want to see a doctor but my parents just keep saying its my epilepsy causing the headaches but i told my nana and she took me for a eye test and turns out i need glasses could that be what causing my headaches because i need glasses


I agree I left it so long to go to my gp, I have the stabbing pains and behind my left eye and forehead also the back of my head, I cried telling her about all my anxiety symptoms she checked the back of my eyes and said they looked perfect, she also suggested if I was really worried I could get an mri to make me feel better, she done loads of blood work all came back normal, but mostly she gave me a counsellors name and a support group, she really listened and gave me good advice, I still have the head symptoms they won't disappear overnight this is going on years, but she helped me realise I need to talk to someone to give me coping skills to deal with these feelings, they are scary they can set off panic attacks but I'm hoping with the right help, I can get through this, I also went for an eye test, my eyesight was slightly worse and I had dry eyes needing drops too, i hope u feel better soon😌


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