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Worried after swimming

yesterday me and my daughter went swimming in a local state park by our house.There was a post on a sign about amoebas present in the water.We jumped in a few times with a snorkel and mask and we swam all day.Later last night my daughter complained about a headache and was nauseous.She threw up twice but has no fever.Today she feels fine but now my sinus are acts up feel swollen (I have a history of sinus problem but nothing works)Now I Can not stop thinking amoebas are in my nose.I have no fever or nausea but the thoughts can't leave my head.Now I having anxiety dizziness and feel head pressure.

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It might be best for both of you to get checked by your dr. Never swim where they have signs posted like that. Warm water is not good to swim in. Probably nothing but best to be checked especially if your daughter was that sick...hope all is better today.


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