good old stress!! just what you need when living with anxiety disorder right??

sooooooo im on the verge of a mental breakdown........ so much stress in my life i need a break! trying hard to be positive.. it will pass its just bad luck blahhh blahhhh blahhhh! life suck right now my anxiety has rocketed however the real b*****d i call mr panic has paid me a visit just yet! just a matter of time :(

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  • Sorry your feeling low. Silly question but what are the physical and emotional difference between anxiety and panic please.

    Take care and have a relaxing evening

  • well for me the Anxiety is all the build up.. the thoughts the the whats going to happen the sweaty palms and feeling the throat tighten everything is tense... and the panic is the loss off all control blurred vision not able to focus on your breathing.. feeling out of control and like you are floating and gonna pass out x

  • You need to spend time alone....go for country walk and make space in your head.....all the best, slow down,take time out....

  • I agree - although it sounds simplistic I think getting out for a walk sometimes clears your head a lot. I do it now and then and do a lot of thinking, or sometimes speaking out loud (if there's no-one around!).

  • Hi powsy1983, since we can't run and we can't hide from stress in our lives, all we can to is cope the best we can. Using different modalities will lessen the anxiety we feel. CBT, deep breathing, meditation, hypnosis, biofeedback and on and on. While it may be a matter of time until it abates, at least we can feel we have some control. Wishing you well....

  • Thank you everyone i do walk alot and and at times are alone i prefer to be with someone most of the time.. such alot going on i think a massive build up of stress has got to me. oh well here we go again its a new week tomorrow :)

  • powsy1983, I always feel if I didn't have this immense stress on my shoulders every day I would be cured of my anxiety. I've come so far. But all we can do is take it day by day and hope each new week is a turning point.

    Here's to a new week. x

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