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Hi I've just joined the group. My first panic attack was several years ago. I thought I was having a stroke and I was going to die. Burning sensation rising up my body, heart racing, dizzy, couldn't breath and my legs shaking uncontrollably. I had no idea what was going on. I ended up going to A&E and thankfully I was ok. That didn't stop me worrying that I was seriously ill though! I constantly checked my pulse, and googled every illness possible. Eventually my anxiety got better and I thought I was cured. However, the other day I had a panic. That weird burning sensation in my chest that spreads across the body, shaking, palpitations, hot, nauseous and dizzy and pins and needles. I knew it was anxiety but my mind keeps trying to tell me it's a heart condition!! My face goes numb and I feel like I won't be able to talk. I'm hoping it settles down again. Anxiety is such a horrible condition 😞

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Hello & Welcome :-)

I am pleased you have overcome your anxiety once as I think this will be a good start in you realizing that you will get through this again :-)

I know it can be a shock once we are anxiety free when it creeps up on us again but this can be normal

Has anything been happening in your life that you think may have built up till you have become anxious again , sometimes it can be the little things that pile on top of each other and we don't always notice and sometimes anxiety strikes out of the blue for no reason

It seems quiet tonight but as people come on I am sure more will welcome you :-)

Take Care x


Thank you Bounce 😊

I guess I've let a few things pile on top of me. Nothing major. It makes me feel guilty that there are people worse off than me going through terrible ordeals and they cope! I guess we're all built differently. I went to the Drs to for a check up. He's running a few tests. He was really nice and understanding. If all the tests are clear then I'll just punch anxiety in the face again 😄



Please don't feel guilty , maybe people have got more problems and we do empathize with them but we can only feel our own problems and if they are affecting us then they are important as anyone else's because only we can feel them

Sounds like a good Doctor , let us know how the test results go , I have never been one for listening to people when they talk about getting your vitamin B and D levels tested yet I was feeling so tired and I asked to have mine done and they have come back I am very low in vitamin D so much so they have put me straight on a high dose , this can make you feel anxious if they are low so not sure if those will have been among your blood tests but could be worth asking them to check them to if they have not :-) x

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I take vitamin D and B complex. I believe that deficiencies can cause anxiety issues. Dr checked my heart and sent me for an ECG and all ok. So I can stop worrying about that at least! I don't fancy going on anxiety meds.

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