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I've read some of your posts,and have exact same symptoms. The other day I was walking,and my fingers became numb and swollen,as did my toes. I was sure I was going to have a stoke or something! Scared me to death! The dizziness, lighthead feeling, vision problems,nausea etc is completely taking me over! It comes and goes,and I know it's severe anxiety,but my primary doesn't hear me. Just had double mastectomy,then got an infection from the drainage tubes,called acintebactor, which isn't going away,as multi drug resistant. Taking a cancer Med,as I was told I wouldn't make it to two rounds of chemotherapy, which I know is due to the infection. Slipped coming out of my room two days before surgery and broke my back, along with the other back surgery I need from severe spinal stenosis crushing my spine. Not to mention surgery on shoulders from the severe bone degeneration, so i think just maybe I could have a bit of anxiety! Sorry to go on like this,it's just I don't understand how anyone can't see I need help with this! Very depressing. Do take depression Med,but being in severe chronic pain and everything else,it doesn't help this maddening anxiety! I don't know what to do!

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Goodness me you have and are going through so much !

I would imagine this will have brought on anxiety dealing with all this and your anxiety should not be dismissed , I think some Counselling would really help and I would mention I would like referring for some and I know you say you are not been listened to but make them listen , not easy when you are already going through so much but with every bit of strength you have speak out , don't take no for an answer

Not sure if you have looked at the other Communities on Health Unlocked you could already be a member on some more , but I was thinking if you browsed through them there could be some more support there to , there are cancer communities , well women communities , pain communities in fact there is something that covers almost everything , have a look as the more advise and support you can get the better :-)

Take Care x

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