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I've been feeling more and more anxious recently...more so than normal. Which is annoying as I thought that the medication I was taking was working. I suffer from hayfever which gets me down a lot - it's like having a constant cold...and makes me feel so irritable. I also suffer from hayfever induced asthma which is just horrible!! At night time it's like I've ran a marathon.

To top it all off, I woke up this morning with a coldsore the size of a small country - it's made my whole lip swell like I've been taking part in a boxing match...and the side of my face has even swollen!

I know lots of people have much worse problems, and I feel so guilty for feeling so miserable - but I cannot help it. I just want to crawl under the covers and hide but I have to go to work :(

Thanks for reading.x

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You shouldn't feel guilty it's okay we all have issues and it's okay to share them and I hope you feel better and may God bless you and just hang in there and find a way to relax and just try your best to get on your way, you can do it (:


Thank you Alan ☺️

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Alan_98, good to see you back. Hope you are doing better. Wishing you a good day. and evening.


Hey Agora, thank you for the support, I hope you're doing okay too 😊 and I hope things have been going great for you and may God bless you 😊

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