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Hi, I'm 27 years old and think I am experiencing health anxiety but not sure. I can't think of anything in particular that may have triggered this off. I have been a bit stressed at work lately but I don't see what this would cause it. Anyway it comes on mostly just before lunchtime and whilst I'm eating, and because of feeling anxious my stomach tenses up and I struggle to eat. Maybe It's a vicious cycle and I have associated it with this time of day or something I'm not sure, but I do find that I get quite anxious around people, like in a meeting for example, and I work as a receptionist so that can be a bit of a struggle. I'm always feeling really nervous like something bad is going to happen to me, for example I might be sick or faint. Those are the 2 main things I fear at the moment. I know that I definitely have a big fear of being sick so that doesn't help. But I also think that this anxiety is causing physical symptoms. I have been feeling a swaying feeling in my head for a good couple of months now every time I'm on the desk at work, but if I'm at home or distracted it doesn't seem to be there, but it feels so real sometimes that something is actually wrong with me but who knows. Recently I have also been feeling a weird sensation over the past few days, where I would get a very nervous butterfly feeling in my stomach that would rise up and make me believe that I might be sick, which is obviously going to cause me to feel more anxious! also the weird butterfly feeling in your fingers? like when your looking over a cliff or something. That's probably the best way to describe it. I forgot to mention earlier that my anxiety gets quite bad late mornings and around lunchtime but then a couple of hours later I feel much better again, and get hungry because I couldn't eat much at lunch time, but I do still have this swaying head feeling which is very strange! The whole thing is also making me feel very fatigue, because I feel like my body is fighting it off every day. I have been to the doctors who hasn't given me anything to take but has said to maybe talk to a counsellor or someone about it? but I don't really feel comfortable doing that. I really want to just be able to get rid of this stupid feeling myself, because I do believe that it's a vicious cycle that needs to be broken somehow, and I really don't want to have to resort into taking beta blockers or anything as I know they are very strong and can cause some horrible side effects. Anyone know anything I can do to help myself?

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Hi cat198822222, you may have health anxiety just because you really don't have an answer as to why you are feeling like this. Feeling worse before lunchtime and better after could be a significant answer and your doctor needs to know that. You said your doctor recommended you talk with a therapist about it. Does that mean that he diagnosed you with anxiety? I also don't know why you think he would put you on beta blockers. Since you don't even feel that anything in particular triggered anxiety, I really think you need to go back to square one and that's your doctor. Going to therapy can help immensely if you are displaying anxiety disorder. But first a good medical check up is important. I wish you well. x


Hi, you should try the councellor, it may help to talk through it with them. You have nothing to lose. It works for some people. Otherwise youl go round and round in circles. Until you find the cause of your feelings it's possible you won't find the cure. Give it a try!! It may just be the answer for you.


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