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Fear of Snapping

Hi Everyone !

I have started to gain this incessant fear of "snapping" with regards to getting agitated. My symptoms of anxiety over the past three years have been predominantly centered around the flight aspect of our condition : dizziness,palpitations and running a mile at the earliest opportunity !

However more recently it seems like my condition is causing me to get overtly agitated and now I fear myself "snapping". I have no history of violence towards anyone and in my 32 years have not even got into a fist fight.

It seems as though my anxiety is now forming itself in these intrusive thoughts rather than the jelly legs and wobbles !

Does anyone else feel agitated rather than just helpless ?

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The thoughts seem to be the hardest part of the anxiety for many. But u must remember that although you "feel" out of control you are in complete control of what you do or not. Snapping cannot be an option not to mention there would be consequences. Thoughts do not equal reality or intention. Find a therapist and consider medication soon. You will get better and the thoughts do fade.

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