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Getting off paxil and drank the day i got off, weird sensations in torso and hands

Could this be a sign of withdrawals from paxil? I took paxil 20mg for 3 weeks then for one week 10 mg, the week after I just quit and I drank a whole lot that night I quit cold turkey, I woke up feeling this weird sensation throughout my torso, arms and hands my head a little too it made me feel off and sick like. The sensation can be described as like static, tingling, electric waves through the whole day on and off its been going on for 2 days now.

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I would keep of any drink especially at the moment it will not help and I would see my Doctor if there is no improvement , I am sure you will be fine but get checked out if you are feeling so bad

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Take Care x

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