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Anxiety before any flights or train rides. Advice


Im going on vacation next week. I haven't been on planes in a while either. I'm super anxious thinking about it too. Even though the flight is like 2 hrs , still i get panicky thinking of the flight & getting through it then finally chilling in Florida in the layover , then going to the islands :) I'll be in the islands for a week for my boyfriend 's sister's bday. It'll be great b/c i have island roots myself & love the vibes that i get in the islands...even tho i was a baby when i was down there seeing family, we dnt talk anymore. anyways lol. But yeah it's this flight that has been on my mind . I got some books to read, ipod , neck pillow , & my journal ..oh & things to draw with. Any other tips you all have for ppl who get flight anxiety?

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If you visit your GP, s/he will prescribe a few diazepam (valium) tablets for you if you explain your concern around flying.


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