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Anxiety about starting new job

Hello all. I am here as I suffer from anxiety panic disorder and depression. I had been at my last job 3 1/2 years and all was well until they forced me into a new position and didn't properly train me, it was 3 months of hell but I got through it becoming increasingly anxious and depressed. Anyway I decided to go on temporary disability due to all the stress to get myself better and it's been about a month now I have been out. As I was treated like crap there during this ordeal I do not want to return so I have been applying to many jobs and have received a job offer that I have accepted. It really seems like a nice place the boss seems very laid back and I think it would be a nice job and I'll be starting in about two weeks but now I am so nervous! I am absolutely terrified to go to a new job and this feeling is so overwhelming. I have been having anxiety attacks each night. I'm not sure if it's because I have been off work for a while or because my confidence was pounded to the floor in the last job when they told me I had failed. I'm not sure and I'm not sure what the answer is but I'm so scared I'm gonna mess up a new and better seeming job because of my severe anxiety. I'm dreading the night before for fear I'll have a real severe attack. Any suggestions or insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening.

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I'm right there with you I'm so nervous to go back out to a sea command. I've been on shore duty and also developed panic attack disorder, and was diagnosed with PTSD. Anywho it's been a shitty ride slowly feeling better. But I just realized I only have a year left of shore duty before they send me back to a ship, and it's almost terrifying thinking of the possibility of having a panic attack stuck out at sea. I'm really pushing myself to resolve my issues before then though it's been painfully slow progress. I'm not taking meds and I still believe that I can get through this without them. The struggle is with our minds. It can be our worst enemy.

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You sound like a very strong person I am on meds but they seem to wear off at night. If I wasn't on meds I probably wouldn't leave my house, when I first got this condition when I was 18 I became scared to leave the house. The meds and therapy have helped but if you can get through it without them that is great. I guess the best thing I can say is if you did have a panic attack out there just know that it will always pass even though it feels like it won't and your dying. I'm not trying to feel sorry for myself but this really sucks and wish I didn't suffer from this, that none of us had to suffer like this.


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