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Ugh frustrated

Hope everyone is doing ok haven't written in awhile just getting down on myself my new thing is pain upper back by shoulder blades when I move them it hurts I'm scaring myself in going to doctor with the fear it's lung cancer even though I'm not coughing up a storm or feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest why oh why does my mind think like that the pain goes and comes ugh .... Someone please advise I feel like everyone is sick of hearing me

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Sounds like you could have a chest infection and could maybe do with some antibiotics but your anxiety as you know wants to tell you that you have lung cancer and the chances are very much that you wont have that at all :-)

Meanwhile you are already feeling rubbish and unwell and by not seeing the Doctor because of the irrational fear is making things worse

Imagine that relief when you see the Doctor and they say , O you have an infection , here you are some antibiotics and you will be fine :-)

You will have peace of mind plus have something to get rid of this problem with your chest all for maybe 5 minutes of having to face your fear in seeing the Doctor , weigh it up it will be so worth seeing them rather than suffering :-)

Make an appointment , don't allow the anxiety to stop you getting the help you need , it will love that

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


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