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swallowing problem

so i have this problem for about a year now, i find swallowing rather difficult with everything i eat. i dont choke but it goes down really slow. i've been a hypochondriac all my life. i went to the doctors about it and he looked all the way down my throat. he said he could see very far down my throat and he said everything looked normal. it doesnt cause me pain. im just worried. is this normal. does food usually do this. its worse the more i think about. it's on and off and worse and better. i just want to know if its normal?

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Hi Sharkey123, there is a swallow test that you can have done if you are still concerned after your doctor telling you everything looks normal. Anxiety can cause the food to go down slowly since the esophagus is a muscle. When we are tense with anxiety, that muscle tightens and makes it seem like forever until the food passes down. Hydrating during the day as well as with meals will help the passage of food go down easier. When anxious we tend to swallow air a lot more than the average person which contributes to that feeling. All said and done, it may not be normal for the average person but more common as well as normal for anxiety. I wish you well.

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I was feeling like this also, it was diagnosed as anxiety. It went away on its on about 2 months later.


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