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So I've been dealing with anxiety and depression for a long time. For the last few weeks I've been feel super down. I'm having a hard time getting out of the funk. And my life is slowly falling apart. And I mean all aspects. Job, family, friends (have none) and I feel like doing nothing. I know this isn't heathy . I don't know what to do. I don't see a way out and I feel like there might not be.

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So sorry you are feeling so low

Yo really need to go back and see your GP you need support even if you are getting some already you sound like you need more

I know in the past I feel know one has been there for me but it has been down to me pushing people away because sometimes when we feel so low we can do this without realizing , do you feel if you told your family how much their support would mean to you that maybe they might be there for you ?

You always have these Communities where people do care even if we don't always have the answers we understand how it feels to be suffering with Mental Health Issues

Have you had a look on the Action on Depression site on here

I thought they may have some good advise about how to deal with the Depression you are feeling

I will put you the link that will take you straight to the Community , you can have a look and see if you feel it maybe helpful to join that Community to , as we can never have to much support to help us through these times :-)

Take care x


Thank you for the reply. I try to open with my family as best as I can. I think they don't take my depression serious. I do agree that I've pushed people away. Most people don't want to be around someone who's like this . And I can't blame them. I'm gonna check out the community you suggested. I would love as much support as I can get.

Thank you ! :)

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