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Hello I am new here. I started to have anxiety attacks a week after my father passed away in September 15, 2013 from a cardiac arrest. He was everything in the world to me.

Needless to say I now suffer from anxiety attacks. I have tried teas, yoga everything but medicine. I have had ekgs, blood work because of course I swear there is something wrong with my heart. Thank his nothing is wrong with my heart, but every time I get another chest pain from anxiety I swear I have and underlying disease that a doctor can't find. I am going nuts in my own brain. I have horrible headaches as well.

Someone help! This is horrible.

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Hi Dsdiana, welcome to our anxiety community. Like you, my anxiety started a while after my father passed away. I was also very close with my dad. He died in a fall down the steps. Within hours he was gone. It was the start of my fearing I would also die in a fall. The headaches started and got more frequent as well. I went through the MRIs, blood tests, x-rays thinking I also had undisclosed hydrocephalus like my father. Do you see the similarity? Anxiety usually starts with a trauma of sorts which can include surgery and childbirth. It leaves such an impact on our mind that we lose control of rational thinking. It took a lot of therapy and learning techniques that I could use to calm those thoughts and symptoms. I hope that this makes some sense. I hope that you will continue to come to this forum. There are very supportive and caring people who have gone through the same thing and will relieve some of your concerns. Talk to you soon. x


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