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Hey, I started sertraline 3 days ago and feel as my anxiety has gone shooting up, back to daily panic attacks and negative thoughts. I've spoken to my GP and he said give it 2-3 weeks to adjust and you should be set. The main reason for this is just to get some experiences you had on this drug? I really hope it "changes" me because I'm at my last straw with anxiety and depression, thank you.

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When I first went on ser trained my dr. Gave me Xanac to help with the anxiety for a couple weeks then off the Xanac and only the sertraline. I had bad anxiety and depression. While I was on both meds at first I was still depressed but the Xanac helped a lot with the anxiety. As the depression started to ease I went off the xanac ( not sure if I'm spelling it right) but it's an anti anxiety med. I also had counseling. It was kinda a long painful road but after a little time started feeling like my old self again. Maybe you could ask your dr for anxiety med just for a couple weeks? To help you get through this. I have been on sertraline for 20 yrs and it works for me. The only thing is it seems to make me put on weight and it's next to impossible to lose it like 25 extra lbs. But I've mentioned I'm on it to several drs. And reassured me that it's a safe drug. I hope this helps you and you start feeling better soon. And it wouldn't hurt at all to ask your dr to give you some anti anxiety meds.


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