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Hi all, I have not been feeling good for a few weeks, then yesterday I had terrible pains in my back between my shoulder blades, pains high in my tummy and in my chest and neck, throat and shoulders, I couldn't work out if it was my indigestion/ gerd, Ibs/ trapped wind or my anxiety, I got through the day and slept well. Then today I've had low back ache, tummy ache, a few chest pains and now I'm in bed at 12:30am (been her over an hour) and I keep feeling dizzy almost like I'm falling it's really scaring me, I've tried relaxing, breathing and music. My doctor says my muscles in my back and neck is mostly affected by my anxiety and take the strain. My pulse is normal I have one of those finger meters.

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Sounds like anxiety as I have had the same. Stay strong you will get through it X


Hi Lolly75 the symptoms your experiencing right now are the same for me as we speak. I had to leave work today from feeling really nauseous and dizzy! I have high blood pressure and I don't know if its the meds I take or what but everyday is a struggle for me! All of my relationships are suffering . I don't think any am out of drugs can fix the way we feel right now . I'm not religious but I do believe in God and right now he's my advocate . Try some deep meditation and prayer it works for me and hope it can do the same for u! Hope u feel better dear


Having similar problems today after feeling better for a while. What a downer. Hope things have improved over the time since your post x


Did you ever get to the bottom of this?


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