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Hey guys I've been curious and wanted to know if anyone else here with anxiety experiences the same things as I do. So yesterday I've finished my college and got my diploma ( yay) but all day I've felt so disconnected and not 'real' I felt like I don't belong in this reality or so and it made me feel so anxious. I'm terrified of the future because I have no idea what's waiting for me and I feel like I'm going mental. I'm 20 years old. If anyone feels the same can you please give me any tips on how to cope with this.


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2 Replies

  • Abit like you felt in a dream? Many people with anxiety get this symptom, it is a horrible one. Try looking around you and seeing what you can touch, hear, feel, taste etc it might help to bring you back in the moment so you no all this is real and you are ok. Try some deep breaths too X

  • Hi Nintehthong, First of all a big congratulations (applaud, applaud) I think what you are feeling is true for most young people starting out their life's ambitions after college. I believe the disconnection and not feeling real comes from school now being over and having to adjust to the "real world". Give yourself the credit you so deserve. No one knows what's down the road for them. One step at a time will lead to choices you will have to make in finding that so called perfect job. You hold the Ace card in your hand with having a college degree. Look forward with confidence and determination to look ahead with a positive attitude. You will succeed. x

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