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Technique to help with Anxiety

Something to help. Remember my post about Anxiety being a problem with your mind, often it makes you look too deep into your health problems and something small and non important suddenly becomes life threatening in your mind.

If you can increase the positive thoughts the negative thoughts decrease and your health improves. Try this, grab a newspaper and a pen, seek out all the happy uplifting articles and circle them. Disregard all the serious and gloomy stories. Try this for a week. You could even post the most inspiring things you find on here.

This approach is taken from a CBT therapy session I attended and it did help me.

Take care


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good idea. I will try it. I've been so engrossed in finding awful diagnosis of some present undiagnosed medical symptoms that I'm feeling that my anxieties have now escalated and are now taking over or exacerbating them 10 times more.


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