stomach pain, anyone?!:(((

Someone said it could be indigestion? But idk... My health anxiety makes it so hard for me to decide if this is something to worry about or not..

I woke up yesterday in the middle of the night with awful stomach ache and nausea. I panicked and woke my mum up and asked for painkillers but they didn't help. I threw up and since I have health anxiety I was sure I was dying. After about 40 min i started feeling a little better so I could go back to sleep but when I woke up the pain was still there. It lasted the whole day but the pain wasn't as bad. Today, I've woken up 3 times from stomach discomfort but I managed to go back to sleep after sitting up for a few minutes. It gets worse when I lay down but when I sit up it almost goes away. (the pain hasn't gotten any worse)

I can't really tell where the pain is located, upper to lower abdomen and sometimes I can't tell if it's really pain I'm feeling or just discomfort. Neither how painful it is when my mum asks from a scale 1-10 I have no clue.

I want to go hospital but my mum won't let me (she's a nurse) since she doesn't find it urgent. But Im really scare and fear the worst :( My therapist also said we shouldn't go hospital, a few days ago when I thought I was having a brain tumour, since it's giving in to anxiety and will make it worse. But now it's my stomach and I really feel like I have to!! How can you wake up with horrible pain without it being fatal and going to kill you?

Im also constantly tired which makes me think it must be some illness or something.

Anyone, advice?? ;(

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  • Hey there !! I have emeptiphobia (fear of vomiting) and I get indigestion slot! I also suffer from very bad anxiety and even the slightest change not tummy make me think there's thing terribly wrong with me! Though with what your telling me when you sit up it feels almost better but lying down makes it worse I'd be 90%sure that it's indigestion you have! It can make you vomit and you feel pain and maybe some burning under your rib tummy area! Try drinking some tonic water and gaviscon !! That's what helps me! Sometimes mine last for a few days!! But tonic water usually helps!! Xx

  • thank u so much! will try c:!!

  • Hi, sounds like you're in safe hands you mum being a nurse!!! Consider this your gut, ( stomach) runs from your mouth to your derrière and anxiety sure plays havoc with your digestive system . Try to relax the best you can .. Take care x

  • I've been having alot of stress lately, and my stomach is really acting up.Its terrible. I've lost 5 lbs. ( so far). Rubyxx 😊

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