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Emeptiphobia help!

Hi I'm 20 years old and I'm living with emeptiphobia , something I don't really understand I know its a fear of vomiting bit in December 2014 I had got rid of this horrible anxiety and fear, then recently September 2015 nearly a year later I have it back! Is this normal? Like can anxiety strike even when you feel like your doing ok? I feel like this is ruiningy life , when k feel like I'm getting better it just slaps me in the face without any warning , my doctor prescribed me sertraline but I can't take them cause the aide effects are vomiting ! If anyone has any tips or experiences with this there more than welcome! I need help and I just can't see myself living the rest of my life like this! Everything is falling apart around me and there's nothing I can do about it!! 😥 thanks

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I do not suffer with this as part or my anxiety but there is a good pinned post at the side of the page which I will put you the link and then you can read it , a member that does not come on often anymore wrote it that did suffer with this :-)

Take Care x


Thank you!! Hopefully I get a few tips !! X

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Hi Taylor, omg I am in the same boat. I have vomoting phobia (as well as other things) and I've had symptoms of anxiety for 5 months, tried Sertraline for 4 days and I felt so nauseous and anxious because I felt nauseous, I had to stop taking them even though I know it takes a few weeks to get over the initial symptoms. It's such a frustration. I had a chat to my GP and she prescribed me an alternative, beta blockers, to slow the heart down which slows the release of adrenalin (which often produces the anxiety). Haven't started them yet, but will let you know if they help. Have every intention of getting vomiting phobia treated with hypnotherapy, I can't go on worrying about it (had it for 30 years!!!)



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