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Why why why

So I here I am sitting here perfectly fine watching a film then all of a sudden head goes funny n dizzy have an horrible feeling go threw my body now I feel like I carnt breath like a winded kind off feeling why why why I was fine so why dose it just come out of no were is my body just use to this now is this going to keep happening to me all my life! Hate it soo much :(

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Hi katyjoa this happens me a lot too, it's like when u start to feel good and it just hits you, it's horrible but I just tell myself to stop, I do my deep breathing, I turn on music or something and I try to move around, the dizziness really scares me, I usually spend the rest of the day feeling awful, but I've 2 kids to collect from school make dinner and do homework with so I just do all these things, even though all I want to do it lie down and cry, please don't feel alone I do believe just ignoring me and doing something to take ur mind off it does help


katyjoa, I don't know if we will ever truly know why these feelings seem to come out of the blue. I am going through the same thing right now and I don't need to tell you how much I hate that feeling in my head. I am going to take 10 minutes to myself and go on YouTube and listen to some meditation and deep relaxation tapes, while I start to do deep breathing. It's also a reminder for me to start hydrating. Wishing us both well. :)

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