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So the doc sent me to the ER to be looked at and they said anxiety can cause all this that your experiencing they asked me have i been staying in more and why I said because I had a bad panic attack once I felt like I was about to panic so I am afraid of that happening again. Just talking to them I felt hopeless and depressed they explained I'm two young and I told my doctor how I often feel hopeless and I often wish to be normal again and it frustrates me.t he doc sent the ENT a referral but how I Don't have a ride 😖feel like shit right now,h hopefully the buses are still running and I could find away home

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Just seen your post :-)

Good news is you are physically fit and healthy they could find nothing wrong :-)

I think you need to speak with your own Doctor now about your anxiety and tell them you need some support , don't let them say you are to young to be suffering as age does not come into it anxiety does not care how old or young you are if it decides to take over !

I hope you managed to get a bus or something and got home safely :-)

Take Care x


I am sorry that you are experiencing this. I am going through the same things. Now I have developed agarophobia. I take a lot of vitamins in hope of some kind of relief. I take a multi vitamin, D, B complex, C , magnesium, and zinc, and they are all organic.


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