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Dating a younger women

Big mistake nice for the sex but so many clashes. I had my fun but this girl 18 wanted to have hfun even afterhhaving my boy on top of that she wanted to sell drugs and thats when I'd had enough but now both her boys are spending everything they got on this skunk. Missing out on so many other things . Once I walked in and my x and her friend was cutting up huge amounts of speed in front of the kids at 8 years. I became a mess so worried and stressing about who was coming to the house then the busts. People can judge me for snapping and lashing out mostly at the wrong people but I'd like to see how they'd react when its their kids.

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Is there any way you can take the kids away from this situation? Then go to the extreme of reporting the people to tge police. Its obvious that the adults (i use that term extremely loosely adter reading your post) that you speak of have no respect for themselves or the children, and the kids need to be taken away from such things. You need to show them that loving and caring parents do exist and show them the life they deserve to experince.


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