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Trapped Inside My Own Mind

I have been suffering with anxiety for around 6 months now, but in the past few months I've began to notice a difference. I feel like my anxiety isn't based around specific thoughts anymore, I get this strange feeling in my head and sometimes constant ringing in my ears. I almost feel trapped in my own mind. It doesn't happen all the time though it happens at random times. Sometimes it can last for a whole day, or maybe just a few hours. It's causing me to have intense mood swings, and makes me feel irritable, panicky and as if I have no energy to complete simple tasks. Sometimes my chest tightens which makes things a whole lot worse. I feel like I need to escape my own mind and it shouldn't have to be this difficult. I've tried explaining it to friends and family but nobody understands so I gave up. Can anyone relate?

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I have this ringing ears and chest thing from last around 5 years :(

I have also suffered from social anxiety for 7-8 years and now may be I have got habit of living with it but that ringing ears and pressure on my chest and face are always there and so I consulted physicans as well but after all the tests it came out that I have nothing physically wrong. And so I am just living with it.

So yes, you are not alone :(


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