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Sick and stressed

All day yesterday i was sick but worked out it wasn't my Achalasia it was drinking bad Horlicks but took unil now for feelings in ny esophagus to go.

I was so stressed on to of sickness because my guitar wasn't working right guy replaced and fixed last night bringing it up this morning. I think I got a bargain because its an old guitarand plats like an eexpensive one would pkat today.

I haven't slept much and a bit tired dehydrated and weak but that will pass. Will answer all replies when I am bit more up beat thank you.

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Hi, Glad you got the guitar sorted. Sorry about you feeling sick.

Get some rest and you'll be fine.

Great that you were able to keep going and get the guitar sorted. Now there will be no stopping you. :-D

Take care.


Thanx I'm looking forward to playing whrn I'm more hydrated.

Have a good day.


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