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Hey guys I haven't been on here in a lonnnng while. Well here's my thing Woke up feeling jittery

For the last few days I've been dealing with a health scare that has me breathing shallow.

And I have been mouth breathing more then usual, which I noticed my chest hurts when I exert myself and I am mouth breathing :(

Can the breathing be the issue??

I also feeling like my heart is beating a million miles per he but it's normal I guess.

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Hi there!! I was wondering, can u not breathe through your nose? I suffer from nasal allergies really bad, so my nose is constantly congested. I use prescription nasal sprays and afrin to keep my sinuses open. If I am unable to breathe through my nose, it makes my anxiety way worse. I have to be able to take deep breaths through my nose and then gently and slowly exhale through my mouth. Maybe you should see a doctor about the mouth breathing because that is not normal. Obviously, if you have a cold or allergies where u can't breathe through your nose, but there are medications that can provide relief. Take care and may our heavenly Father bless and keep you safe.

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Thank you for the reply.

I'm not congested. It just started happening. I catch myself and I go back to breathing "right"


Sounds like panic attacks.i do the same thing.wake up with your heart pounding,heavy breathing and get all shaky and jittery.for no reason at all.i just went threw the same thing about an hour ago.had to take a piece of my klonopin.which helped alot.are you on any kinds of medicines?


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