weather VS anxiety and depression

ive posted about this before.. but who else has the weather affect their anxiety greatly? I don't have seasonal affective disorder either. I live in beautiful bc where the weather has been nice and sunny for over a month now. My anxiety had been manageable for the past few months, I'm able to go to the store, appointments, to work and friends homes. Weve hit some stormy rainy weather the past week and I honestly feel like sh*t. I don't want to get out of bed, ive called in sick to work twice.. my muscles and back ache, my jaw aches.. I'm miserable.. I'm lacking any sort of drive.. I feel dizzy and sick all day long. I'm starting to worry again...I managed to go for a short bike ride yesterday and today I cleaned the house and got gas and groceries but I just felt crapp all day.. . I'm certainly not sitting around making myself more depressed its just kind of there... I'm under a lot of added stress lately though... can anyone offer some words of encouragement?


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