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I have an idea for support !!

As u know social media can be use for alot of things what I was as suggesting is that we form a group to chat in real time with each other on kik,oovoo skype, to really give each other that extra kik to make each other smile and company because some of us are lonely at times and it will be more communicative because we would be able to really compare our symptoms and comfort each other...give it a thought tell me what you think guys😊

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Hello Colby

I think for those that want to do that it is up to them but I also think that when we join sites like this we have to decide if we prefer to keep communicating and keep are anonymity until maybe we feel we want to take friendships beyond the security of this site , personally I would have to get to know people really well before I would do that but that is just my opinion :-)

Are you feeling better than your earlier posts you wrote ?

What are you like downloading apps :-/ I am sure you are fine but will be even better if you keep away from those kind of things as well as Dr Google , only your Doctor can tell you if you are fit & healthy because they can actually examine you and they have told you that you are , trust them and not an app :-)

Take Care x


Yea I feel better now and I know😂 my anxiety gets to me alot threw out the day.

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I know i thought it would be cool to get together and have meetings and supoort groups but online we are all from so many different places.


Yeaa that's so true


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