Hi I have been experiencing weird aches and pains in my body is have anxiety ocd and a few other things I have weird stabbing pains around the body and muscle twitches I get a slight headache pain and lightheaded when I stand up and sometimes chest pains and hartrate rate racing then dropping and felling really hot I am worried if it is something bad or just anxiety i have had a blood test and all came back normal I am only 15 and so scared as don't know what is going on with my body any help please


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  • Hi there Jordan. Sounds a lot like my panic attacks. My blood work came back healthy as well, so now I focus on "thinking healthy". Try it, tell yourself, "I am ok, I am very healthy". Every time I felt that it turned out as a panic attack. I know you can get through this. Think positive, and give yourself credit for being 15, the body is much more capable of being healthier/stronger at your age, and very capable of training yourself into good positive thinking. (=

  • Don't be scared. You can get through this, I know you can. Music helps me a lot. Losten to some music you love and see if that helps take your attention off the panic.

  • Hi Jordan my heart breaks for you being 15, I didn't start having anxiety and panic attacks until I was 30, nearly 3 years now, i feel so miserable and unwell at times with pains in arms legs, chest, leg, stabbing pains in my head, I try distract myself but telling myself to just stop, I then read, listen to music, take a walk and usually the pains gradually disappears, talk to urself saying it's all ok, it's just my anxiety, I don't drink caffeine that much anymore, I try eat more healthy and do deep breathing exercises in through the nose for 5 beats hold for 2 and exhale through ur mouth for 7 beats, hope u feel better soon, I pray we will all get back to a good place again and just learn to enjoy our lives instead of worrying 24/7 about what might never happen.

  • Im 16, Its the same as me the sharp pains on neck, achy joints, headaches here and there which can be severe, just everything can be sore but all at different times

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