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My mind feel completely gone I can't think my head feels so empty I can't focus nomore I feel like I'm dying when people are talking to me I feel like they aren't talking to me I feel my body swaying from side to side I feel I'm in a dream this been going on for four months now I don't feel like myself my mind feels like it's froggy I can't feel nothing I'm so depressed I can't feel life I feel completely out of my body it feel like it's a shade in my head that's blocking my thoughts I wish my head would go back to its self when I hear my thoughts and when I can think again my vision is so weird I can't see things like how I use to is there medicine that can help 😢

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Hi _pfb, what you are feeling is anxiety at it's finest. There isn't a medicine that will take away those feelings. Oh yes, it will help you by taking the edge off until you can get some therapy. There is no quick fix but that doesn't mean you can't conquer those symptoms. I have been there as well as many others in this community. Finding ways that work for you will be the answer to getting some control back in your life. Please continue coming on this forum for support and ideas as to what others have tried. Meanwhile please seek therapy, it's a start. I wish you well. xx


I feel the same way most days.I have felt like this for going on 2 years now. I take buspar which helps a little bit but those feelings of dizziness, foggy head, feeling like I'm going to die are still there daily. I try to get on here and talk to others like me and it also helps. I write my feelings down in a note app and it's helps ease the anxiety a little bit. I wish there was a magical fix or a pill for this for all our sakes. Try to do something to get your mind off of it if you can.Anxiety is a terrible condition and it will take over your life if you let it.


I feel exactly the same and this morning I can't cope. I have had enough. I always think I'm just going to die. I feel like I'm in a dream and nothing's real and everything looks different. I always think I must have a tumor or something. Why can't we feel normal like other people


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