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I know I haven't been active for the past 3 days, I sort of been in my own bubble dealing with my anxiety and I wasn't going to be much help to anyone if I was anxious but I am feeling better, truth is, it was a girl who made me feel better, this may sound like a love story or something, however it's true, the thing is I have really good friends, who always make me laugh and who really care for me but the thing about this girl is that yes she is my friend but she is someone that really understands me, she is different and I will say this she's amazing and the most beautiful girl I've ever met. Sorry I know I sound a bit cheesy but it's true, I usually like to prank on my friends and mess with people but this girl she matched me and even helped me prank people and she even messed with me if I did something to her and on the days I wasn't in the mood, she wouldn't accept it and would mess with me till I was messing with her and she knows me better than anyone but sorry that I rattled on ๐Ÿ˜Š


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  • Hey Alan_98, I've noticed you haven't been on for a few days. I was going to write you but I guess I was hoping you were out having a good time. None of us is immune to our anxiety issues. You have been a great contributor to this community but sometimes we need to stop and catch a breath. How blessed you are to have found someone that can help you through the dark times. They say what goes around comes around and you have certainly helped many people. Now it's your turn to reap what you sowed. Feel better soon, we miss you.

  • Hey Agora, thanks for caring that's really kind of you, I'm happy to have you as a friend ๐Ÿ˜Š and yeah these past few days have been horrible but I do care about the community but I just know i can't help if I can't concentrate you know and yes she's great, if I ever need anyone she'll always be there and I miss you guys too, I'll try my best to get back on forum as much as I can, I never forget about you and the community but thank you and hopefully you're doing okay

  • Hi Alan!

    I think that Agora said it best so nothing further to add other than that you're such a sweet and caring soul, you really are. Continue to smile and of course, take good care of yourself โ˜บ

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