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anxiety or not please help :(

hi was in a and e yesterday becausei felt so ill, i had tooth extractedlast week gotdry socket been told maybe infection then i had some reaction to something ( there not sure what possibly penicllien ) i just so scared i have something else i had bloods ecg xrays of chest andwassent home after anti hestimines and steriods. addimtedly i havnt taken my dose of anti depressents for at least 7-10 days. i am so scared that they have missed something as i just feel so ill. i no i have lots of anxiety sypmtons but i just so scared they have missed something and sent me home but i ve seen my GP a and e and also 3 different dentists ( 3 different opinoins too ) im soso scared justdont nowhat to do havnt really beengiven any information and if i sleep its for 20-30 mins and i wake andu can litrally squueze sweat from my tshirt pillow i feel my legs are completly gone dizzy faint pains in face ( although not excruciating very very scary ) go hot/cold just guess im looking for someone to tell me this is anxiety and ill be ok fighting back tears writing this im 35 not proud just cntfind the switch inside to fight back if it is anxiety. ( i have had severe anxiety problems for maybe tenyears +) has anyone experienced anything similar i dont want to go backto a and e and waste there time my logicalbrain says there no way theywudsend me home if there was something wrong but i still cannot shake this fear has anyone experienced something oranything similar ??

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Hello there,I think we can all relate to you and I'm sorry you are experiencing what you are. I posted a message yesterday I went to a and e too. Like yourself I've had many tests done and all ok so possibly for me I'm just needing my meds increased as I'm on a low dose just now x


thank you so much for the reply ivebeenreading google and itdoesnt help i read about bacterial menigitis and cantget thought out of my head since i did , i know im suffereing anxiety just so scared its other stuff aswell my logical brain says a and e dontsend u home after all those tests if theres even a slim chance you are serverly poorly just cantremeber ever feeling this ill i also hope everything goes well for you and an increase in meds can help. i wouldnt wish anxiety on my worst enemy its the most horrid delibating thing i have ever experinced.


I'm with you totally, I got unwell last August and apart from the odd cold etc I was never unwell. I'm just staying in bed today again as I've got a headache now. Stay off Google buddy x

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